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Psychic? Telekinetic? Can you talk to animals? Are you able to manipulate the weather with your mind? Then the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives is for you. ACRO is always on the lookout for potential agents. And don't worry if you don't know how to contact them, because they WILL contact you.

Time is of the essence, however; ACRO's enemy, Itor Corporation, is on the move and ready to strike at the United States. The safety and freedom of America, and her Allies, is at stake.


Win the mind, win the day
-official ACRO motto

Don't piss us off; we can kill you with our minds
-unofficial ACRO motto


ACRO Divisions and Departments

   1. SCIENCE DIVISION, Carl Breen, director (light blue ID badges)
a.) Meteorology (Haley Holmes, dept. head)
b.) Archaeology
c.) Anthropology
d.) Geology (Andrew Gitre, dept. head)
e.) Oceanology
f.) Volcanology
g.) Bio-Science
h.) Zoology
   *Classified Department*

a.) Convincers
b.) Security/Perimeter Guards (Ray Steele, dept. head)
c.) Special Agents

   3. PARANORMAL DIVISION (white ID badges)
a.) Precogs/Diviners
b.) Telekenetics
c.) Dreamers
d.) Mediums
e.) Telepaths
f.) Empaths
g.) Astral Projectionists
h.) Mystic Research (Keir Cormac, dept. head)

a.) Investigation
b.) Research and Development

   5. TRAINING DIVISION (green ID badges)

a.) Physical Training
b.) Mental Training
c.) Special Ops Training
d.) Recruiter/First Contact Training
e.) Firing Range
f.) Trainees (orange tags) (Gage Drummond, dept. head)

   6. CONTAINMENT DIVISION (brown tags)

a.) Cleaners
b.) Media Specialists
c.) Political Control

   7. RECRUITMENT DIVISION (Taupe ID badges)

a.) Recruiter/First Contact personnel
b.) Potentials Research (People who find the targets and present the information to Devlin for potential recruitment approval)

a.) Air
b.) Sea
c.) Land

   9. SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION, Jason Templar, division director (dark blue ID badges)

a.) Rare Special Operatives (Akbar Bashir, department head)
b.) Weapons Research and Development
c.) Special Research
d.) Seducers (Connor Stone, department head)

    10. ANIMAL DIVISION, Zach Taylor, division director (yellow ID badges)
a.) Research
b.) Training and Potential
c.) Feeding and Nutrition (kitchens)
d.) K-9 Unit
e.) Equine Unit
f.) Veterinary Services

   11. SUPPORT SERVICES (purple ID badges)

a.) Payroll
b.) Library
c.) Cafeteria
d.) Supply
e.) Armory
f.) Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

   12. MEDICAL SERVICES (white badges with blue medical symbol)
a.) infirmary
b.) medics
c.) medical research

   13. INTELLIGENCE DIVISION (bronze ID badges)

a.) Cryptography
b.) Equipment/gadgets


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Character Lists

ACRO Operative: Devlin O’Malley

Occupation: Head of ACRO

Skill: Psychic, possess extreme Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) capabilities

Occupational Status: Devlin realizes that putting himself in compromising mission positions is not in ACRO’s best interest, yet is fully capable and prepared to go on mission if necessary.

Notes: Devlin’s parents initiated ACRO after the Stargate program disbanded. Devlin chose to go into the Air Force rather than work at the agency. Devlin lost his sight during a rescue mission and moved to NASA until finally resigning his commission and taking the helm of ACRO after his parents were assassinated.

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Potential ACRO Operative: Remy Begnaud

Occupation: Ex-Navy SEAL

Operational Status: classified

Skill: Seems to have a tie to the weather - can control storms to some extent while appearing to be controlled by them. Potential for worldwide destruction if urges are not contained and if subject cannot be taught to control said urges. Potential for kidnapping by hostile agencies is too high to be disregarded - subject must be brought in immediately to ACRO’s fold.

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ACRO Operative: Creed McCabe

Skill: Spirit whisperer / Medium

Operational Status: Fully operational

Notes: Adopted son of ACRO Ghost Hunters Dave and Martha McCabe. Found abandoned in a cave supposedly haunted by the Bell Witch in Tennessee. Born with tattoos covering the entire right side of body, head to toe. Since birth, had been followed by a spirit named Quaty, who is believed to be a direct descendant of the Bell Witch.

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ACRO Operative: Haley Holmes

Occupation: ACRO parameteorologist.

Background: Former Air Force meteorologist. Worked as a meteorologist investigating unusual weather phenomenon for private weather companies after leaving military. Parents deceased. No siblings. Self-described workaholic.

Operational Status: Non-field operative.

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ACRO Operative: Annika Svenson

Background: Born to Swedish parents. Kidnapped at the age of two by the CIA. Mother was murdered. Father unknown, whereabouts unknown. Was raised by CIA couple posing as her parents. Goal: To turn Annika into the world’s most effective assassin.

Goal successful.

At age 16, Annika learned the truth about her past and turned on the CIA, killing nearly everyone who was involved with her abduction. Captured later by ACRO.

Skill: Electricity. Can power up so no living thing can touch her, or she can electrocute at a touch. An expert with all weapons and fighting techniques.

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ACRO Operative: Ender aka Tom Knight

Background: Former Delta Force Operative - Specialty: Sniper. Takes, one shot, one kill, to an almost mystical level. Court-martialed and sentenced to life in the brig. His release was bargained for by ACRO.

Skill: Excedosapien - includes lightening fast reflexes, beyond normal eyesight and speed.

Notes: Is so strong-minded that psychics can’t break into his mind unless he lets them, which is sometimes necessary when Operative is in the field.

Notorious for not checking in when on missions.

Eight years of ACRO service - no one has ever been out with him socially and his address is not public knowledge.

Rumors surrounding this operative:
1. He was responsible for the assassination of several political figures. TRUE
2. He killed his entire Delta team - a rumor no one has ever been able to disprove.

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Potential ACRO Operative: Kira Donovan (alias)

Occupation: Formerly considered one of the world’s best military and police dog trainers. Currently in hiding, thanks to arrest warrants and botched Itor attempts to kidnap her. Recently located in Idaho, working under the table at a privately-owned animal sanctuary.

Skill: Animal Whisperer - Extraordinarily powerful gift allows for communication with animals on a level not entirely understood by ACRO staff. Exceptional hearing and sense of smell. Suspected of having instincts and physiology more closely resembling an animal’s than a human’s. Case in point: Ms. Donovan goes into a form of “heat” once per year.

Rap Sheet: Known crimes include disorderly conduct at animal rights rallies, theft of caged animals used for fur, and sabotage of laboratory facilities. Suspected of arson (slaughter house fires) and convincing orcas to sink a whaling vessel. Has earned a place on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

Mission priority: Highest. Extremely Urgent. ACRO psychics have determined that Itor is moving to acquire Ms. Donovan. Intel has revealed that Itor may intend to use subject’s unique physiology to create a biological weapon. If successful, the power to kill millions will be at Itor’s fingertips. If unsuccessful, Ms. Donovan could potentially use her gift to harness the loyalty of armies of animals, perhaps insects, to use as weapons. Subject must not be allowed to fall into Itor’s hands.

Notes: Is extremely paranoid and a conspiracy theorist. Distrusts all levels of government and has been uncooperative in the past. No contact with family. Trusts few. Strict vegan.

File Updates From Field Agent:
1. Ms. Donovan claims to be immune to human diseases
2. Subject’s mating needs require seminal fluids from male humans
3. Subject’s mating needs require fluids every four hours
4. Subject must mate or die.

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ACRO Operative: Wyatt Kennedy

Rap Sheet: Ex-Navy SEAL- Recruited for ACRO after accusations that he killed his stepbrother. ACRO changed his name (file deleted.) He is still reported MIA /AWOL from the Navy.

Skill: Telekinesis, combined with a sexual pull ACRO scientists so far failed to explain. Can manipulate inanimate objects outside the body and human sexual responses. Some Psychic Imaging Ability, which, when used, will drain his telekinetic powers.

Notes: Committed to a mental institution from ages 14-16 for misunderstood psychic gifts.

Mission Status: Following mission to acquire Remy Begnaud, Wyatt Kennedy disappeared on assignment. Current status- missing, presumed dead.

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Former ACRO Agent Oz

Background: Unknown. No records prior to nineteenth birthday. At nineteen, he first met Devlin O’Malley and began working for ACRO, which was, at the time, under the helm of Devlin’s parents. Subject is difficult to interview.

Skill: Medium with the ability to see and control the worst of the worst of the earthbound spirits.

Notes: Worked at ACRO from the time he was nineteen until age thirty-two. Left ACRO after a disagreement with Devlin O’Malley regarding a highly classified mission. Current status: whereabouts unknown.

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ACRO Operative: Trance

Real Name: Classified.

Background: Ex-Army/ MP at Leavenworth. Received all Special Forces training.

Skill: Excedo. Super strength, better than average ability to heal wounds/ self/ plus better than average eyesight. Has the ability to hypnotize humans by just having them look into his eyes, although for long term hypnosis, the suggestions must be planted deeper in order for hypnosis to remain once eye contact is broken. Is so powerful that even those resistant to hypnosis are affected on some level. It is unknown if his skill works on animals.

Notes: Trance was a Dom for many years. Although he never allowed himself to form a close relationship with any single submissive he worked with, he was still the perfect choice to try to tame the beast that lives inside Ulrika Jaeger. Trance has no idea that his father was also an ACRO operative killed on a mission. Info was kept from Trance in order to prevent agent from seeking revenge.

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Potential ACRO Operative: Ulrika Jaeger

Skill: Shapeshifter. Only known human who can shift into another physical form, which, according to reports, is a wolf-like creature.

History: Born to peaceful therianthropes in a mountainous region of Germany, Ulrika lived with her family until Itor captured their entire clan. After years of experimentation, all but Ulrika died. Itor considered her to be a success.

Recruitment priority: Highest. Her lack of control makes her extremely dangerous. Her suspected involvement in the murders of ACRO agents, government and military officials, and high-ranking terrorists has made her a target for several official agencies and terrorist organizations.

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ACRO Operative: Ryan Malmstrom

Background: Former Air Force Combat Controller

Skill: Communications specialist. Electrokinesis and limited remote viewing. When in contact with another person via electronic device, he is capable of seeing what the other person sees. Can mentally manipulate electronic devices. Extremely rare mental ability prevents psychic intrusions, making him invaluable for undercover work.

Status: Deployed on ultra-secret mission to infiltrate Itor. Missing, presumed dead.